Top Tips in Bathroom Remodeling

A remodeled bathroom project we took on in 2018

Most homeowners spend more time renovating their bathrooms than the rest of their homes. Here are some ideas that will help you with planning and executing your bathroom remodeling project:

  1. Flooring. Use a durable material for the flooring. You have to consider the look and practicality. You can’t use wood as flooring for this part of your home, especially if the bathroom will be exposed to moisture most of the time. If not, you can still try wood for the floor since it will give the space a great character. As long as the wood flooring is installed by a professional, it will remain durable for normal use since it will be properly stained and sealed.
  2. Color. You must always consider making the bathroom appear bigger so that it will have a relaxing and comforting appeal. The least you would want for this part of your home is to make it appeal suffocating and too tight. The safest colors to achieve this goal are light, white or cream. You can play with the designs by using tiles or wallpapers with various prints and layouts, but always choose materials with light colors.
  3. Recess the fixtures. This is helpful to small areas but it will also make bigger areas look classy and more elegant. Recessing bathroom fixtures is classic but it never gets old. The usual bathroom parts that you can have installed in a recessed manner include the toilet roll holders, medicine cabinet, vanity cabinets, and soap dishes.
  4. Other fixtures. A bathroom specialist can help you with the equipment you’ll need inside the bathroom that will fit your requirements and budget. It is important to choose big fixtures, such as bathtub and toilet, in light colors. The dark colored ones will look dated only after a few years. It is practical to use light colored materials if you aim for this project to look good for a long time.
  5. Additional lighting. It is essential that you put a good light at the center of the bathroom but you must also install a light that will be concentrated in one spot, such as near the mirror, to make it easier for you to inspect your appearance. You can also opt to have a dimmer switch in the bathroom. It will add mood to your bathroom and make the ambiance relaxing, which is perfect when you want to take long baths.
  6. Other decors and pieces. This will depend on the space left in the bathroom. You can ask a professional what else you can add inside this part of your home to make it more appealing and useful. If the space will allow, you can add a cupboard or a chair inside. You can also place hooks or other elements where you can hang things.

Bathroom remodeling can be fulfilling and exhausting. Make sure that you plan it right from the beginning with the help of an expert who can properly execute your plans.